A Historical Town in Trouble


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Citizens of the historical town of Embreeville are befuddled today as organizers from Embreeville Redevelopment L.P. are polishing a plan to build an estimated 1,100 new houses on a 245 acre tract of land across Newlin and West Bradford townships. Embreeville citizens are concerned with the plan as it looks to convert 83 acres of institutional and mixed-use land into residential through a rezoning request. Embreeville Development L.P. attorney and representative, Brian Nagle, reassured citizens that the the sports fields leased by a local youth association will remain unharmed and will continue to be leased as they have been for over twenty years. Ultimately, citizens remain frustrated with the failure of the development team to produce a set, fixed plan for the construction or conservation of the land.

Embreeville is an old, historical and respected town. Its open land and small communities provide a home-style feel. Positioned mainly in Newlin township and reaching partially into West Bradford township, this Chester County town has prospered since the 18th century. From the burial site of the last surviving Lenni-Lenape Indian, to the 18th century astronomical observation point used by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon called the Star Gazer’s Stone; the historically old landmarks and infrastructure that stand at Embreeville’s heart are a force to be reckoned with. Citizens take pride in their history as much as they take pride in the preservation of the place which they call home. It is understandable that these citizens are worried about the construction of 1,100 new homes nearby because frankly, that many new homes could potentially begin to industrialize and compress the open land that the town is known for. Additionally, expansion at this drastic rate could cause an influx of a new and different environment; not only in terms of geography but also in terms of social structure and demographics.

It seems that the citizens of Embreeville have set a goal to maintain the town as much as possible and they are entirely within their right to do so. Of course many houses will be built on this 245 acre tract of land, that is inevitable, but the controversy of this situation is not so much the construction of the houses on the specific land, but rather the transformation, socially and geographically, that may occur following the conclusion of the plan.

The construction of 1,100 new homes in such a rural town just 30 short miles outside of Philadelphia could potentially allow the initiation of industrialization; because where new homes are created, new job places must be established.

This plan threatens the town that Embreeville is today, so we must keep a watchful eye on tomorrow.


Pennsylvania Gay Marriage Lawsuit

Article Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/30/pennsylvania-gay-marriage-lawsuit_n_3677455.html

State laws are being defied in Montgomery County; the county’s register of wills, D. Bruce Hanes, continuously ignored state laws against gay marriage and allowed six same sex couples to become joint through matrimony. He has also approved of 34 gay marriage licenses. Not only has Hanes granted these licenses in the past, but he plans to issue many more in the future. The State of Pennsylvania has asked courts to prevent Hanes from issuing these licenses against state law. A lawsuit will follow; one that has the potential to last for years.

The world is changing; diversity is becoming more accepted and desired across the nation, while prejudice and racism are becoming entirely unacceptable. All aspects of U.S. cultural acceptance are changing; from civil rights to gay marriage, foreign prejudice to anti-racism. The process of change is slow because it is uncommon for someone to stand up against state or federal law on such a controversial matter, especially at this extremity of action. Register of Wills, D. Bruce Hanes could prove to be a stepping stone in a long process for the legalization of gay marriage in Pennsylvania. The problem is that Hanes repeatedly broke the law and will not be exempt from consequences; as would no man. It would be the same for any case in which a government official, or civilian, broke the law. However, these acts of rebellion have an enormous amount of potential influence.

This lawsuit will bring a vast amount of attention to Pennsylvania’s gay marriage laws, which will impose great pressure upon Pennsylvania state officials. This attention could influence the outcome of future gay marriage laws, but the only way for these laws to change is for people to take a stand and express their true beliefs on the matter. Hanes is doing exactly that. From his desire to go down in history as a believer of the right side of this nations ever-expanding civil rights, Hanes is establishing himself as a role model for others to follow. From an analytical perspective, Hanes could potentially be setting a milestone in the fight to legalize gay marriage nationwide.

This lawsuit will prove to be controversial in Montgomery County as well as the entire state of Pennsylvania. Arguments will be made in defense of the current gay marriage laws on the basis that some may abuse the legalization of gay marriage to gain the benefits of being joined together with another person by marriage. From the opposite perspective, arguments will be made in spite of current gay marriage laws due to the growing population of people in favor of gay marriage legalization, and the increase of states that have recently done so.

There are many questions we need to ask ourselves about this controversy: Can laws be changed without first being broken? Is it acceptable to break the law in defense of what you stand for as a free American?  These questions need to be answered before any change can occur.

The world is phasing into a new era and in this new age, people are able to see more accurately, via the internet, the not so dismal differences between societies and cultures across the world. This is resulting in a nation-wide movement to accept all people as one, to promote equality and fairness, freedom and liberty as our founding fathers once proclaimed.

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